Winner 2018: FC Potaschbierg

Friday 7 June 2019
Live Concerts (free entry)
19h00 Bech-Berbuerger Musek
       (feat. Thierry Mersch)
20h30 Thierry Mersch             
22h00 Stage Addicts              
                 (Acoustic Duo from Finland)

Saturday 8 June 2019
Kings of Penalty Tournament
11h00 Check-in & Warm-up
12h00 Start of Penalty Contest
best beats by DJ Freezy
simplified shoot-out mode
18h00 Finals & Afterparty
feat. Stage Addicts

For our Kings of Penalty 2019 Winners
1st Prize: Terrapad for each team player (sponsored by Eye-T Manternach)
2nd Prize: 175 Euro discount on new tires for each team player (Pneu Center Frisange)
3rd Prize: Team Lunch or Dinner offered by one of our Partners
4th Prize: Bottle of Aly Duhr Crémant + 6er Tray of Beer