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SENIORS 1: A poor 2nd Half

SENIORS 1: A poor 2nd Half

Red Boys Aspelt - FC Berdenia Berbourg 2-1 (0-1)


Berbourg, showing much physical commitment, made a good start in what were poor ground conditions. VERY poor finishing - indeed a criminal waste of chances against an opposing side that was not Barcelona! - meant that, ultimately, Berbourg were deservedly punished. Players must at some point get it into their heads that according to Law 7 of the rules - first codified in England in 1863 - a standard adult Association Football match is played over TWO halves of 45 minutes (and not just one). What was valid in England in 1863 is still valid now, in 2017, even in Berbourg (where at times, in other respects, different laws may apply).

22. Min 0-1 Rayane Laouira

69. Min 1-1

90. Min 2-1

Equipe: Sam Faber, Suvad Spahic, Charel Weidert, Manuel Kaufmann, Daniel Benner, Ibrahim Diop, Danny Leconte, Sebastian Ting, Ahmed Boussi, Rayane Laouira, Daniel Contrino

Reserve: Joé Reuter, Eric Galetto, Marc Mees, Pit Wagner, David Schuster